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GODORT 2022 Virtual Annual Meetings

GODORT Rare & Endangered Government Publications (REGP) | 11:00 - 12:00 pm CST

Rare & Endangered Publications (REGP) Committee

June 15 | 11:00 - 12:00 pm CST

The Rare and Endangered Government Publications (REGP) committee seeks to identify rare, unique and/or endangered government publications, in all formats and from all levels of government; to evaluate materials for preservation and conservation; and to plan programs and workshops on the preservation of these materials.


  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Overview of GODORT Archives (at University of Illinois) by GODORT’s Archivist Angela Kent
  3. Planning Document for Determining At-Risk Government Publications Resource Guide
  4. Announcements/Other

Meeting Recording

GODORT Cataloging Committee | 1:00 - 2:30 pm CST

GODORT Cataloging Committee

June 15 | 1:00 - 2:30 pm CST

GODORT's Cataloging Committee has four main purposes:

  1. To provide a forum for technical discussions on policies and practices for government document cataloging.
  2. To serve as an interface for information exchange between documents catalogers and documents users in government agencies, various types of libraries, and bibliographic networks.
  3. To comment upon matters which affect the cataloging of government documents and to raise such issues as appropriate.
  4. To serve as liaison with other groups within ALA and through GODORT, with Federal agencies, other library associations, and bibliographic networks.


  • Welcome and Introductions of the GODORT Cataloging Committee Members
  • Motion to approve the April 19, 2022 Committee Meeting minutes - Andie C. sent in email 6/13/22
  • GPO Library Services & Content Management Update & Library Technical Services Update (Donna Kraemer or Fang Gao, GPO)
  • Marcive Update (Jim Noel, Marcive, Inc. / CRDP)
  • Steering Committee Updates (Andie Craley)
  • Any RDA Cataloging Standard Update & CC: DA Report – RDA: Resource Description and Access (Cate Kellett) 
    • CC:DA  meeting virtually again after ALA Annual.
  • Any updates on 3 Cataloging Toolboxes (Andrea Morrison)
    • All 3 Cataloging Toolboxes (State, Federal, International) are now published: 
    • Use "tags" or "subjects" in LibGuides to say which committee created the LibGuide? (the 3 Cataloging Toolboxes do start their names with “Cataloging Toolbox for….”). 
    • Committees to contact the Technology and also the Social Media & Outreach Committees when committees publish their LibGuides.
    • broken links updates
    • Accessibility updates (Simon Healey) - not attending Virtual meeting today due to a major dental appointment needed.
  • Old Business:
    • Try to organize a future "Ask a Cataloger" Friday Chat with committee volunteers with possible breakout rooms during chat on workflows related to OCLC in public libraries, law items, CRDP, and state & local documents, with breakout rooms?
    • Continue discussions in sharing resources about subject headings awareness such as demographic group terms that are misleading or interpreted differently or inconsistently or missing from authority records to keep these in mind for future discussions. Leaning towards resources and information gathering to possibly create a new toolbox of resources.
    • Continue to work on follow-up to do a LibGuide Feedback form linked to the Cataloging Toolboxes under "Help/Contacts"
    • Need to gradually walk through the Cataloging Committee part on the ALA GODORT webpage, as areas could be out of date 
  • New Business
    • No roll offs for committee for June 2022. Next year of roll offs and/or renewals is June 2023
    • Beacher Wiggins and Judith Cannan both of LOC mentioned at the January 11, 2022 meeting that they are open to being invited back to more of the Cataloging Committee’s meetings, since there is no regular LOC committee member. Look to invite them to a Fall GODORT Cataloging Committee virtual meeting in Oct or Nov of Fall 2022.
  • Announcements
  • Adjournment

Meeting Recording

GODORT Publications Committee | 3:00-4:00p CST

GODORT Publications Committee

June 15 | 3:00 - 4:00 pm CST

The Publications Committee has responsibility for:

  • Coordinating the dissemination of information in DttP: Documents to the People or other publications or through correspondence to member affiliates;
  • Publishing from time to time appropriate bibliographic or other special publications by and for the benefit of document librarians and others;
  • Compiling information on publication options and procedures, reviewing to approve proposals or submitted texts of items to be published, distributed, or endorsed by GODORT and making recommendations on publishing to the GODORT Steering Committee
  • Maintaining a Notable Documents Panel responsible for the compilation and publication of an annual list of significant government documents;
  • Recommending and submitting for endorsement to the GODORT Steering Committee the Notable Documents Panel Chair.
  • Functioning as publisher of DttP; recommending and submitting for endorsement to the GODORT Steering Committee the DttP editor, and endorsing the members of the DttP Editorial Board upon the recommendation of the DttP editor.
  • Functioning as curator of GODORT Occasional Papers Series.


Meeting Recording