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West Virginia State Agency Databases


This is an annotated list of databases produced by West Virginia State Agencies.  Please contact the  listed librarian with suggestions or corrections. 

This page was last updated/checked for broken links 01/12/2024

Business, Finance & Economy

Community & Social Services

Crime, Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement


Government Agencies & Elected Officials

Government Finances & Contracts

Health, Medicine & Safety

History, People & Culture

Jobs & Unemployment

Laws, Legislative Materials, and Legal Issues


Military & Veterans

Recreation, Travel & Tourism

Statistics, Data & Mapping/GIS

Voting & Elections

Empty Subjects - Can you help?

As of March 2017, we were unable to locate publicly searchable databases produced by a West Virginia State Agency in these areas:

  • Agriculture & Food Sources
  • Earth & the Environment
  • Science & Technology
  • Transportation

If you know of West Virginia produced databases in these or other subjects shown on this page, please use the "email me" link in the Documents Specialist box above to drop us a line.