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Florida Government Resources for Teachers & Students

Government Resources in the State of Florida for Teachers and Students

Florida Memory

Educational Units

  • Before Statehood
    • The Florida Seminoles
  • Civil War in Florida, 1861-1865
  • Post-Civil War in Florida, 1865-1913
    • Florida & the Spanish-American War of 1898
    • Mary McLeod Bethune
    • The Cigar Industry Changes Florida
    • Railroads Change Florida
  • Depression & the New Deal Years in Florida, 1930-1941
    • Neal Hurston, the WPA in Florida, & the Cross City Turpentine Camp
    • Florida During World War II
  • Contemporary Florida, 1960-Present
    • Civil Rights Movement in Florida
    • The Cuban Experience in Florida: Revolution & Exodus
    • NASA & the Space Program Change Florida
    • Lucreaty Clark, White Oak Basket Maker
    • Netmaking & Net Fishing in Florida
    • Seminole Doll Making
    • Sacred Harp

Florida Facts for Kids