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Social Justice & The Kerner Commission Report: Consequences of Inaction: Introduction

Resources that expand on and support GODORT's juried session at ALA Annual 2022 in Washington, D.C.



This year the Government Documents Round Table is celebrating its 50th anniversary. GODORT was founded in 1972  to be a dynamic forum where information professionals can learn, discuss, advocate for, and create scholarship on and about government information from all levels of government both foreign and domestic.

In honor of this anniversary, the 2022 GODORT ALA Annual Juried Program looks back at a government document, the Kerner Commission Report, that is over 50 years old, but whose impact is still being felt today. These resources provide some background reading on the report.


Photo of Program

ALA Program on the Kerner Commission Report

GODORT Chair Robbie Sittel introduces the ALA Program on the Kerner Commission Report

Kerner Commission

President Lyndon Baines Johnson is sitting with three committee members at a table in the Cabinet Room of the White House. Behind them, nine more committee members are standing, two of them only partially visible.

GODORT Program Speakers