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New Jersey State Agency Databases

A listing of publicly searchable databases produced by agencies of the State of New Jersey.


This is an annotated list of databases produced by New Jersey State Agencies listed by database subject. It was last checked for broken links on September 10, 2020.

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About New Jersey

Agriculture & Food Sources


Fish & Aquaculture

Business, Finance & Economy

Community & Social Services



Public Utilities

Crime, Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement


Missing Persons


Earth & the Environment

Climate, Weather

Emergency Preparedness

Natural Resources & Energy Sources



Government Agencies & Elected Officials

Government Finances & Contracts


Unclaimed Property

Health, Medicine & Safety

History, People & Culture

Arts & Entertainment

Land Records

Libraries, Library Catalogs, Archives


Vital Records

Jobs & Unemployment

Laws, Legislative Materials, and Legal Issues


Military & Veterans

Recreation, Travel & Tourism

Statistics, Data & Mapping/GIS


Voting & Elections

Empty Subjects - Can you help?

As of September 2020, we were unable to locate publicly searchable databases produced by a New Jersey State Agency in these areas:

  • Earth & the Environment: Conservation

If you know of New Jersey produced databases in these or other subjects shown on this page, please use the "email me" link in the Librarian box above to drop us a line.