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Presidents of the United States

Engage with the Presidents and their families

Here are just a few lesson plans to jumpstart teaching ideas.  To find excellent teaching resources, search government Agencies and use search terms: "lessons" , "teachers", or "kids" in their search bars. Nearly all government websites have pages dedicated to teachers, parents, kids, and teens. 

The Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources has several lessons about Presidents:
Explore Presidential Inaugurations with LOC primary sources
Bring Campaign Season to life with LOC primary sources


NARA lessons -via Docs Teach - include:
How did the Executive Branch Enforce Civil Rights? 

Others to check out:

Remember the Ladies: National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) 
  Discover the role that First Ladies have played throughout the years, and investigate the changing role of the Presidential spouse today.


Before and Beyond the Constitution: What Should a President Do?
From the NEH, this lesson explores the Article of Confederation and the decisions that Washington made that influenced the Office of the PResident. 

The National Park Service has many historical sites related to Presidents. Here are a few examples of how teaching within locations can engage students by teaching with Historic Places

The Eisenhower Presidency
American Presidents

Featured Presidents 
JFK home;
Building Hoover Dam;
Truman and Independence, MO