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Exhibits and Displays

Resources for creating library exhibits

Share your library exhibits

Image of civil defense display, 1961. National Archives Identifier: 542103

(Official Shelter Supplies, ca.1961. National Archives Identifier: 542103)

Creating interesting and dynamic displays takes a lot of time and effort. This guide offers a location to share your work and provides lists of materials, online resources, printable content, and suggests possible partners for your displays.

Do you have a library exhibit you want to share? Contact  to:

  • Suggest a subject
  • Suggest a resource
  • Have your materials added to this site
  • Volunteer to work on a subject, or manage the guide.

We are looking for examples of exhibits, links to online materials, handouts and more. When submitting your own work please indicate if it is in the public domain and free to share, or if there are any restrictions.

When using someone's work, please remember to give them credit.