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GODORT Affiliate: State Documents Collaborative Group : Discussion Topics

Mission: To provide an all-inclusive, collaborative environment in order to raise awareness, preserve and ensure public access to state and local documents


1. Software in Use to Organize/Discoverable State Documents

2. Statistics Used/Gathered for State Documentss (About State Agencies Repository Submissions, Usage, Items Added to Collection)

3. Suggestions on how to promote State Document collections

4. Discussion on shared state depository collection development for both tangible and digital materials; Improving submission compliance

5. Which states have State Documents depository library systems and how do they see those continuing in the future with less print produced

6. Automation/batch processing to upload items to a digital collection

7. Discussion on state data - open data, GIS data. Who's collecting? Does your state have a data portal? System used for data preservation/archiving?

8. Are shipping lists still used? What software and processes do you use to compile?

9. Education for Future State Documents librarians and staff.

10. "The funniest state docs thing that ever happened to me'" or something similar? It could be delightfully ambiguous document title, a cataloging snafu, a misunderstanding with a publishing agency etc. 

11. Collection development policies

12. 3-5 year work plans (strategic plan) for depository

13. Obtaining grants to fund digitization