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GODORT Affiliate: State Documents Collaborative Group : 2020

Mission: To provide an all-inclusive, collaborative environment in order to raise awareness, preserve and ensure public access to state and local documents

2020 May - Responses from GOVDOC listserv About Cataloging Records for Born Digital State Publications

Virginia - We've been cataloging digital state publications since the early 2000's. They are submitted to our digital repository, and cataloged in our online catalog with links to the repository, not the original location. We put the records in OCLC, and share the OCLC numbers with our state depository partners so that they can add them to their own catalogs.  You can find all the documents in the state publications section of Virginia Memory (but it ain't easy :) ) You can browse by year, agency and keyword, and search full text here:

Oregon - Here is the link where the State Library of Oregon makes MARC records available for Oregon state documents in digital format:

Washington - Here in Washington we compile our newly cataloged records at: . I believe this includes all electronic records, including ones that have print equivalents. It's the list of what was cataloged in the last month, which is a much smaller list than what is added to our repository - we're always so behind in cataloging. Records that have been uploaded to the repository but not cataloged are available in our catalog but not in OCLC.

Colorado - In Colorado we provide catalog records for state documents. Our unit in the state library is called the Colorado State Publications Library.  The records are posted every month for our depositories (or other interested parties) to download:

New Mexico - When we share our catalog records with other libraries around the state our Technical Service staff points them to the records in OCLC. However, our records are not currently in OCLC so I am not sure how cataloging is sharing those catalog records at this moment in time. I can ask and get back to you.

North Carolina - Every two weeks we post a list of new state agency paper publications, with OCLC numbers, and our catalog numbers.  Every two months we a post list of new born digital publications that include URLs and OCLC numbers.   You can see both of those at: Look for 'Paper State Government publications - new additions" and " Born-digital State Government publications - new additions"

Texas - we catalog the state agency publications that are to be submitted at the time of publication.  We catalog them in OCLC and export them into our catalog in batch from a save file. I believe before funding ended for the State Document Clearinghouse in 2004, we actually supplied records to the depository libraries.  We don't supply records any longer.  My best guess is that the records are downloaded from OCLC.

Compiled by Laura Sare, May 2020