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GODORT Affiliate: State Documents Collaborative Group : Articles

Mission: To provide an all-inclusive, collaborative environment in order to raise awareness, preserve and ensure public access to state and local documents

Published Articles

Courtney, Kyle K. (2018, November)  The State Copyright Conundrum: What's your state government's rule on copyright?.  Retrieved August 6,2021, from 

Dame, J., & S. (2019, October). The Work of Their Hands (and How We Got Into Ours). Retrieved April 07, 2021, from Article Topic: State Documents at South Carolina State Library

Lopez, Andrew. (2021, Spring). Small-Scale Digitization Projects for State and Local Publications. Retrieved April 07, 2021, from Article Topic: The important role to play in preserving and facilitating the discovery of government publications

Wann, J. (2020). The Hunt for Digital Oregon Documents: Building and Populating the Oregon Government Publications Digital Collection. OLA Quarterly26(2), 44-49.