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GODORT Affiliate: State Documents Collaborative Group : 2021

Mission: To provide an all-inclusive, collaborative environment in order to raise awareness, preserve and ensure public access to state and local documents

2021 March - State Publications Depository Informational Survey

Survey Questions:

1. Which State Do You Work In?

2. Do your state statutes mention a state depository system?

3. Is there currently an active state depository system for state publications/documents?

4. If there is a current active state depository system, how many libraries participate?

5. Do you send tangible publications/documents to depository libraries?

6. Do depository libraries promote digital state publications/documents?

7. If you don't already have one, have you considered an all-digital depository program?

8. Use this space to provide more details  about any of your responses.

9. Any additional comments or questions about this survey?