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Cataloging Toolbox for U.S. Federal Government Information

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GPO Item Lister

Item Lister

Discover which item numbers are or are not being selected by any given Federal depository library. Results are arranged by item number. Item Lister is updated daily and reflects current item selections based on selection update procedures.

WEBTech Notes

WebTech Notes is a database of class changes and updates to the List of Classes. It is designed to support the management of Federal depository library collections. Federal depository libraries use WEBTech Notes to search, browse, and view updates to Superintendent of Documents classification numbers (SuDocs) and to List of Classes information, but it is a useful tool for all catalogers. WebTech Notes may be used to learn more about the history of an item number.

Depository Item Profile: Item Selection & Deselection

Depository Selection Information Management System (DSIMS) is the place to go to add or drop item numbers from your selection profile. Read about Depository Selection Information Management System (DSIMS) before trying to use the system. Depository libraries may drop items from their profiles at any time using DSIMS, and EL-only items may be added at any time. Tangible format items may be added throughout the year but selections will become effective with the new fiscal year that begins on October 1. Libraries may wish to use DDM3 to determine which new EL items may have been added before amending their item selection profile.

‚ÄčSuperseded List and Guidelines

In 2008, the FDLP posted new guidelines for identifying superseded materials, retaining the 2002 and 1996 editions of the Superseded List for use as reference materials.

Union List of Item Selections

Which Federal Depository Libraries select which item numbers? The Government Printing Office's Depository Library Union List contains selections by Federal Depository libraries in two zipped file versions: one comma delimited, one fixed field. The information is also contained in DDM3, which integrates data from the current List of Classes and is updated whenever GPO issues an updated file.

Documents Data Miner 3 (DDM3)