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Weird and Wonderful Government Publications: Fun

There are some odd and interesting materials published by various government agencies. This is a place to share those strange and the stunning materials.




NASA Jigsaw Puzzles

NASA has several jigsaw puzzles in the FDLP. Here is one example.

This puzzle is slightly harder than it looks - unlike most circular puzzles, it has a grid layout for the pieces.

Puzzle in process

This library numbered the pieces on the back.

Back of pieces, showing they were numbered.


Finished puzzle with container

Tails from the Rails

FEMA Fire Truck

cover for this publication

Kids Firetruck Foldup Activity Sheet

This downloadable activity sheet contains a fire safety word game and mazes that children can navigate to practice a home fire escape plan. The activity sheet folds into a firetruck. Recommended ages: 3-7. Available in English and Spanish.